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Post time: 04/03/2014 15:46

Selection process and training for labor export to

Basic standards
Men and women are Vietnamese citizens aged between 18-35 , if skilled labor , the age may be higher .
+ Male 165cm tall ( or more ) weighs 52 kg ( or more ) . If less than to have a job .
+ Women 1m55 tall ( or more ) 43 kg heavier ( or more ) . If less than to have a job .
Health :
         No axillary heart disease , hypertension , HIV , tuberculosis , syphilis , drug
Society :
         No pre- criminal , not French law of Taiwan during work in the host country . papers
         CMT + + certified Passport no criminal + + Health certificate collated papers ( under the guidance of the company )
Finance :
        They wish and desire to export labor , and have sufficient financial capacity (minimum )
       The Company will provide supporting documents and bank loans laborers

Labour Selection Process :
1 . prequalification
After the filing of the order of employment , the Company recruitment notification on advertising media maintenance nationwide and locally in order to select the suitable candidates and meet the requirements of the recruitment . Although we always keep a record of labor reserves with full information on the skill and experience , job opportunities always open to other candidates .
The Company will arrange accommodation, transportation workers to help complete the quickest procedure . Test process and recruitment of skilled guaranteed with the help of experienced professionals , qualified and highly technical in all industries , because the expert supervision of specialized instruction .
2 . Health checks
After checking skilled company will give employees conduct matriculation examination at health facilities competent medical standards embassy of the country of employment.
3 . training
Workers will be trained and oriented courses within 3 months to match the requirements of the skill trades employers before examination .
4 . Recruitment examination / interview
The candidate will be representative of the employer skill test .
5 . Advanced Training
The labor recruitment will be trained to improve the knowledge and skills to ensure quality standards .
6 . Visa / visa
An application for a visa will be all employers to submit to the embassy of the country representing employers in the form of block visa or work permit .
7 . Bookings and exit
The employer will transfer the PTA or the necessary paperwork , travel expenses for the recruitment arrangement exit plan . The company will complete the exit procedures for employees .
8 . Education orientation before departure
The employee must attend orientation training course before leaving . Employees will be provided with information on the obligations and responsibilities when working in foreign countries , information on living and working conditions in the host country as well as the features of the country's labor laws employers .
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