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Post time: 04/03/2014 15:42

Labor export program of the Company VINAINCOMEX.JSC

The festival will be held in 2 days , 8 th and 9/3 at Expo Centre , Giang Vo , Hanoi .
Cherry blossom festival 2014 will not reproduced stretch of two cultures of Vietnam and Japan . In particular , the highlight is the Yosakoi dance performances vibrant , performing martial arts kendo , aikido , Cosplay art , origami paper folding art .
This is the public, most visitors await the truth is the cherry trees were brought to Vietnam from the land of the rising sun . 2014 cherry blossom festival is an occasion not only to the public throughout the country to learn about the country , culture and traditions of Japan . Held on the day of International Women 8/3 , 2014 cherry blossom festival promises to bring many exciting experiences is a fun and fascinating people .
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